Quality Cleaning is proud to provide you with a proposal for any and all of the following services.  As an extension of your property management team, we strive to provide as many services as possible so the client/provider relationship is most convenient.  Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and superior performance, just as any owner would expect!

Parking Lot Sweeping - at the beginning of each parking lot sweeping job, all areas are prepped by a blowing machine so the vacuum sweeping process can be done efficiently.  The vacuum sweeping process enables the sweeper to clean large pavement areas at a very rapid rate.  The sweeper glides over speed bumps, picks up bottles, cans, baby diapers, and cleans up rock and sand.  The sweepers tolerate most any weather condition enabling our company to service your account as much as needed.

Street Sweeping - Street sweeping and construction clean-up is provided with state of the art units designed with contractors and municipal street sweeping in mind.  The heavy duty unit is equipped with a mechanical broom that first cleans all the construction sand and debris.  Secondary units with a high powered vacuum system can be used if necessary to provide a clean finish to the street surface.

Lawn Maintenance - this service can range from mowing, weed control, hedging, mulching, planting and removal of trash from the grass areas.  Ultimately, our goal is keeping your entire property looking its best.

Building Maintenance - as we strive to be the eyes and ears of the property, we notice and bring to your attention things that need to be repaired such as curb stops, light fixtures, and overhangs. 

Pressure Washing - our company utilizes pressure washer units equipped with heating systems to remove dirt, mold and gum from sidewalk surfaces.  

As these units are mobile, pressure washing and detailing can be done on RV's, mobile homes, boats, or anything that is dirty and needing a fresh look.

Commercial and Residential Interior Cleaning - it is equally important for the inside of your property to look as clean and fresh as the outside.  Our company can provide cleaning and janitorial services as requested.